About Brian

Gallery6Brian, the ultimate “foodie” and home entertainer, has been baking, cooking, serving and designing the most unique culinary experiences for family and friends for over 20 years. His complete obsession with food, baking in particular, started when he was young as he watched, listened and learned from his mother and grandmother. They would always be baking and cooking, and Brian would be on their heels – first observing and eating, then getting in on the action as he got older. In fact in grade school, he entered and won a baking competition.

Brian continued to hone his baking and cooking skills over the years, really kicking it into gear after starting his own family. It was with strong encouragement from his family and friends that he entered CBS’s The American Baking Competition, but it was his skill, perseverance and confidence that led him to WIN and be named America’s top amateur baker!